About Us

Elisha University Ministries

Elisha University of Ministries will help you to achieve Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Graduate education by offering degrees concentrating in Theology, Divinity, Christian Education, Counseling, Biblical Studies, and Ministry Studies. EUM is Organized as a fully accredited school of Ministry. 

Courses are administered through distance education. Our approach to academic achievement allows us to produce quality Theologians, Bible Teachers, future Pastors, etc. who are well-equipped to teach future generations. Students can earn their credentials and produce quality research with the confidence that they will be able to dialogue intelligently about the Holy Writ, anywhere, anytime, any day. We produce high-quality bible scholars through distance and on-site education. We don’t just offer degrees, but a learning experience in a spirit of excellence!

Everyday at the Campions School is like a blessing with the active students and talented staff members around.
Dr. Greg Jacobs — President
Mission Statement

At Elisha University Ministries, our mission is to cultivate a transformative learning environment where academic excellence intertwines seamlessly with spiritual growth. Through accredited programs in theology, ministry, and biblical studies, we aim to equip individuals with the knowledge and wisdom needed to become compassionate leaders, impactful educators, and dedicated servants of faith. Our commitment extends beyond conferring degrees; we aspire to nurture hearts, shape minds, and empower graduates to make a positive and lasting impact on their communities. Elisha University Ministries is dedicated to fostering a legacy of excellence, integrity, and profound spiritual understanding in every student we serve.

Our Core Values

At Elisha University Ministries, our core values form the bedrock of our educational philosophy. We are committed to faith-centered learning, where every facet of our academic programs is rooted in Christian principles, fostering a transformative and spiritually enriching experience. Academic excellence is our guiding principle, encouraging rigorous inquiry and critical thinking for well-rounded leadership. Holistic development is paramount, emphasizing the nurturing of mind, body, and spirit to produce resilient individuals. Servant leadership is instilled as a core value, promoting humility, compassion, and a commitment to selfless service. Inclusivity and diversity are celebrated, creating a vibrant and enriching learning environment. We embrace innovation and adaptability, preparing our students for continual growth and success in an ever-evolving world. Upholding integrity and ethical conduct is non-negotiable, ensuring that our graduates embody the highest standards of honesty and accountability. Community engagement is actively encouraged, fostering a sense of responsibility and positive impact. We instill a passion for lifelong learning, equipping our graduates to navigate future challenges with resilience and curiosity. Finally, our commitment to global impact drives us to prepare individuals who can address global challenges and contribute positively to the world.

Our Philosophy

At Elisha University Ministries, our philosophy is rooted in the profound intersection of unwavering faith and academic excellence. We believe in nurturing individuals who, armed with knowledge, integrity, and a servant’s heart will go forth as compassionate leaders, making a positive impact on their communities and the world.


We’re proud to announce that our institution holds accreditation from the esteemed Accrediting Association of Bible Schools and Theological Institutions INC. This accreditation underscores our commitment to maintaining high academic standards and providing you with a quality education in the fields of Bible studies and theology. At Elisha University, we strive to offer an educational experience that not only meets but exceeds established criteria, ensuring that our programs are recognized for their excellence. Join us on this journey where accredited education meets faith-centered learning.